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We all need websites and databases that work. Elegant. Simple. Beautiful.
We can help.


Make it easy for your customers to find what they need.


This is your crown jewel. It should be a pleasure to use and be well protected.

Tech Advising

We don't all speak "tech." Let us help you find the right solution for your needs even if that means finding someone else.

Latest Works

Silver Oak Advisory Group

A new updated website, responsive for mobile devices, compliant for the financial advisory industry.

Ian Boyden

New elegant website to convey the rich depth of an iconic Northwest Artist.

It Helps to Have a Guide

Whether you are building a bridge or crossing one, having a guide who knows the terrain will save you time, money, and give you a better experience.


How We Work


We Start With A Meeting

We go deeply into your idea or project.

We'll ask questions, listen carefully, offer ideas and do our best to understand what you want to accomplish.

The more you share about what you want or don't want, the better we can develop the solution you need for your particular situation.


We Create A Proposal

After gathering information, we create a proposal that summarizes your needs and offers some initial ideas for consideration.

This is the time to clarify the scope of what you want and when you want it.

Once we fully understand what you want, we'll give you a quote that indicates what we think it will cost to give you the solution you are seeking.


We Deliver The Work

If you like the contract, you sign it and we get to work.

We'll check in along the way to make sure we are on track. As you see your project develop, you'll have new ideas. We'll try to accommodate everything you want as long as it doesn't significantly expand the scope of the project. If a new idea does come up that you want us to pursue, no problem we'll just add an addendum to the contract.

Let's Talk About Your Idea!

Our  Benefits

A Friend in the Tech Business

We've been where you are and we want to help. We'll help you solve your website and database headaches even if someone else is better for the job.

Simple solutions that save

We use technology that you can control so you don't have to hire a web specialist just to update your home page or a database specialist just to look something up in your database.

Look bigger than you are

The right technology can let you increase your impact without hiring new staff. If done right, you'll end up saving money and time, letting you focus on serving your mission.

Growth requires the right conditions

With enough water and sunlight, plants grow like crazy. Your organization needs the right conditions to let your people unleash their talents.


Our  Features


Every person and every organization has unique needs. We'll make sure the solution we deliver is customized for what you want.

Smooth Interactions

We'll try to make the process as enjoyable and as painless as possible. From meetings to contracts to final delivery and training. We want it smooth.

Responsive Design

Websites today need to work on phones, mobile devices, and computers. The term for this is "responsive" and our sites are built for mobile out of the gate.

Our Pricing

Pricing a website or database is impossible without knowing the scope of the project. It's like building a house. The price depends on what kind house you want to build. But here's a range of prices so you can see the options.

Basic Web Design


Basic responsive Website with a home page, about us, a place for a portfolio, and a blog.

Includes the Content Management System.

Search Engine Optimization

Web hosting will cost $300 annually.

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Advanced Website


Includes Basic Web design features plus

16 additional pages

Basic Database for client tracking

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Robust Database and Website


Includes Advanced Web design features plus

Membership System

Shopping Cart

Database for client tracking

Responsive Website

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Frequent Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge For A Website/Database?

We make estimates based on how much time we think a project will take. But just like building a house, each project is different and the scope of projects varies widely. Costs can range from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. 

What Kind Of Service Do You Provide?

Our specialty is creating a website/database combination that is easy for you or your staff to manage, with a friendly interface, and easy customization for your particular needs. I've led organizations before and I know how frustrating it can be to have an overly-complicated database and a hard to update website.

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Are You Full Stack Developers? Will my site have CMS?

The tech folks have created a lot of language to short cut the process of explaining what they do. Front end, back end, full stack, CMS, CRM, hosting, SSL, PCI Compliance, etc. The next logical step is to convert these words to Chinese pictograms to make our work seem even more esoteric. The short answer is: yes, we take care of these things, but we don't use programs like Oracle, Postgres, or Drupal that require you to hire a team of programers forever to keep your system running. We want the solutions to be elegant without getting complex.

Can You Help Me With The Branding Of My Company?

We could, but we probably won't. There are a ton (by weight and measure) of great branding companies in Portland alone. We can help you find a good one if you need references.

Our Team

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